German marketplace for legal products.

As Web Developer I’ve been taking care of Frontend and Backend development, in details:

  • Build framework using BEM (BEM-IT) methodology, SASS and pure Javascript
  • Create multiple templates to be adopted for the website
  • Create a styleguide with KSS based on the UI Kit or with element exported from the provided designs
  • Create static templates
  • Migrate previous blog database through a crawler, written from scratch in node.js and JSON, able to:
    • using jsdom, convert some HTML markup from body article, e.g. removing misused tables
    • fix HTML markup issues, replace URL paths
    • filter media bucket for only used images, downloading the missing ones programmatically
    • merge multiple databases, e.g. taxonomies refactoring
    • clean up unused keys from the tables
    • clean non visible characters, issues, typos and wrong HTML markup (MS word)
    • remove snippets of content to be handled inside the database, e.g. authors, related articles
    • export CSV file to be used by the team and merged back, e.g. taxonomies, authors
    • log and export a table of content for the whole process and all the cases
  • Create article prototype to test migrated data from the database through search bar (hidden top left corner) by ID, title or slug (link)
  • Setup WordPress with template pages, custom section builder, Vue objects

Static templates: link
Styleguide and framework: link
Update 13-12-2017Blog live

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