Cnotv – WordPress Theme [WIP]

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WordPress theme, based on Sage starter and Vue.js framework. The process includes:

  • Logo design
  • Web design
  • UX
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Continuos integration through Travis CI and Git

Here an article where I describe how I’ve integrated this repository to a shared hosting.

Framework to be build separately and visible here (in progress).


Features still to be developed

  • Integrate woocommerce templates
  • Write a contact form with Vue.js
  • Replace modal with Vue-routes
  • Insert placeholder content for the WP theme
  • Theme options in the customizer using WP 4.5 features (e.g. wording, layout style)


History log

Details visible on Github page.

Latest mayor updates:


  • Added Font Awesome icon support for the menu, using classes
  • Added social area for post and portfolio
  • Fixed default SEO page views issue due modal
  • WP templates merge to very few and markup cleanup using functions



  • Layout redesign
  • Refactored completely SCSS
  • Rewritten grid system with conforming space rules
  • Setup Continuous Integration with Travis CI (article here)
  • Introduced lazyloading for images
  • Added more loading and navigation transitions



  • Added Vue.js as framework in the pipeline
  • Search bar design refactoring, added functionalities using RestAPI+Vue.js
  • Add loading and navigation transitions
  • Improved responsive styles



  • Updated to Sage to 9+
  • Added Blade templating language
  • Updated font family with the new version used in the designs
  • Conformed link styles



  • W3C cleanup
  • Removed bootstrap framework
  • First style refactoring and scripts cleanup
  • Rewritten navigation



  • created a new theme using Sage 9
  • integrated the new add_theme_support functionalities
  • added Portfolio CPT, new taxonomies and link metabox
  • grid with flexbox
  • new front page with generated portfolio summary by category and blog
  • templates refactoring (portfolio page, article page, contact page, etc)
  • removed masonry/isotope and alike scripts for the gallery
  • related post integration for both post and portfolio
  • tools cloud in homepage


This theme has been built with Root Sage and follows the same copyrights.

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