Frontend Developer

  • Angular proficient
  • Vue.js enthusiast
  • Web/UX design, backend and CI experience

I build website from scratch for customers, studios and companies of different kind:

Add Discord notifications to your TravisCI deployments using webhooks

After searching the TravisCI documentation, I’ve found no options to implement notifications for the deployment of my projects in Discord. Few days ago perhaps, I’ve found a very nice Gist which allow you to do so unofficially just calling a script. What will you need? Discord user and server, here how to create one, or …

Styleguide framework: kss

If you or your company is planning to recreate a framework, it’s mandatory to have a sort of inventory of all the components, with a word styleguide. This not only will help you to remember the markup, but will be necessary for your colleague to understand how to create elements and avoid repetition, which means …